Yaya and Romeo - Love Verified

Love Verified

Yaya and Romeo

She Is HOT and Unpredictable…But That Won’t Stop Romeo or 6 Hour Match!

YaYa is fiery, fun, and gorgeous…and she knows it! Romeo is tall, dark, handsome, hard-working, and athletic…and has no idea what’s in store for him! No amount of training can prepare Romeo for Hurricane Yaya!

There is clearly an instant physical attraction between these two 6 Hour Match strangers. Yaya is ready to let loose (Shots! Shots! Shots!) and see where the next 6 hours lead her. Romeo is not much of a drinker, but he is ready willing to go the distance with Yaya…especially in the name of love and money!

This episode has one of the biggest twists in the history of 6 Hour Match, so you are in for a real treat!

Watch as the stars collide (among other things), to find out what happens to these two hotties…you won’t want to miss this!