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Rebecca is a model who just wants to find love and try new things. Kenny is an actor and a podcast host…and he also happens to have a bit of online viral success, but not for what you might think .

Is this too tall of an order for 6 Hour Match? Let’s find out…

Kenny pulls out all the stops to make Rebecca laugh and feel comfortable…and, thankfully, with a bit of help from the 6 Hour Match, things are off to a great start!

However, things do get a little bumpy along the way. Let’s just say, a combination of bad timing and potential bank card fraud make for a VERY interesting evening for Rebecca and Kenny.

We have only scratched surface!! Watch the full date-night with Rebecca and Kenny to find out what happens…you will not want to miss this!

Part 3 | Teaser

Part 2

Part 1

3 reviews for Rebecca & Kenny | Night + Morning footage (EXCLUSIVE)

  1. Oscar Mooy

    Great episode, haha!

  2. Jun Kang Tan

    Is it sensored and cut?

  3. malindsay10 (verified owner)

    Is the website not working? I can’t access any of the videos I bought.

    • Oscar Mooy (verified owner)

      You can access your purchases through my account -> my memberships -> content !

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