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Melissa & Anthony | Night + Morning footage (EXCLUSIVE)



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Melissa is an outgoing and fun professional dancer who is open to new experiences and has a winning ‘try anything once’ attitude. Anthony is more the timid and reserved type…but he is looking to explore new opportunities and push himself outside his comfort zone a bit.

This sounds like a job for 6 Hour Match!

Can these two strangers who come from completely different planets possibly find a way to connect and fall in love? This odd couple must overcome a number of challenges and find out if there might be more between them than anyone would think. Romance can present itself in so many different ways, but that is where 6 Hour Match does it’s best work.

This episode will have you wondering what will happen between Melissa and Anthony until the very last second. You can try and guess, but the only way to really know is to watch and see for yourself.

Watch now and get ready for a heck of a joy ride!

Part 3 | Teaser

Part 2

Part 1

7 reviews for Melissa & Anthony | Night + Morning footage (EXCLUSIVE)

  1. Maxwell Ayers


  2. Samera Sadler

    They can be great friends tho, loved the episode!!

  3. Manav Barker

    This Episode was Great besides the fact that shes Not Hot at all

  4. chosen_1998 (verified owner)

    Is there an uncensored version? I got it thinking it would be uncut and uncensored not blurred out

    • Oscar Mooy (verified owner)

      Hi Chosen,

      Unfortunately there isn’t an uncensored version since we aren’t allowed to publish uncensored video content.

      If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, please email us with your order number so we can refund you: [email protected]

      Much love,

      Love Verified

  5. joshuamoses2013

    hello guys do you get to watch all the 6 hours

    • Oscar Mooy (verified owner)

      Yess on YouTube! The paid episode shows what happens after the 6 hours 🙂

  6. Joseph Gabra (verified owner)

    She seems like a fun girl

  7. dejioluwayose (verified owner)

    Hi Oscar,
    How soon do you guys get back with the email enquires ? I made two purchases that I wasn’t satisfied with and I was wondering if you could help. Thanks

    • Oscar Mooy (verified owner)

      Hi There! I’m going to review your order immediately and will make sure we’ll refund your extra placed order.

      Please go to your account – memberships – content to view your purchases!

      If you cannot watch your purchase, please email us at [email protected] !

      Kind Regards,

      Team Love Verified

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