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How to Get on a Reality Dating Show

These days, Reality TV has been dominating everybody’s screens. We sit in our living rooms or chill on our beds under a warm blanket with snacks in front of us as we wait for the new episode of Love Island, The Voice, or any type of reality TV show that showcases different people in different settings. You can watch basically all kinds of shows, whether it’s focused on dating, cooking, singing, dancing, or centered on fashion aficionados remaking the wardrobe of a non-fashion savvy person.


Surely, as you continue to follow the journey of your favorite stars or contestants, you’ve probably wondered how these people get on reality tv?

Before we answer that question, first let’s take a quick look behind the curtain and assess what makes reality television so alluring to watch.

The first reality TV show debuted in 1973. The show was called, ‘An American Family’ and its premise was about the Louds family’s regular lives being documented without filter. It ran from January to March of the same year, during which viewers bore witness as the Lance Louds came out as gay and the marriage of his parents began to unravel with PBS open.


Most reality shows have a similar premise: Document the lives of regular people or non-celebrities as they would normally carry out their daily routine. They take the viewers on an intimate journey by allowing them to have a closer view of the circumstances and issues that affect the main and supporting cast. Some programs follow a specific format other than the traditional family narrative. Put simply, any kind of show that deals with real people and showcases their lives as they undertake challenges is what creates a beautiful series for reality TV.


Next, let’s discover how to get on a reality dating show. Admittedly, the first thought of most people about those who join the said genre is that they want the cash and the glory that comes with participating. However, that may not always represent the whole picture. Depending on the key focus of each show, contestants have different motives and they also come from unique backgrounds. Thus, having a better understanding of their motivations and watching their personalities and stories unfold is the very ingredient that makes every season or episode distinct and thrilling for the fans.

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People who know little about how the industry works would usually have the pre-existing notion that people who join reality shows are only after the money and fame that come with winning or being part of the cast. But for the purposes of this blog, let’s try and let go of our highly critical mindset and take the time to shed the misconceptions that cover what it’s like to be a reality television star.


According to experts, there are four dynamics at play when people choose to be on TV:


  1. Therapy
  2. Experience
  3. Genuine Connection
  4. Love

1. Therapy

We put this as the top of the list because reality shows do reflect the inner character of their contestants while also portraying how they deal with certain situations, especially in dating shows. You see them become vulnerable, angry, elated, all as a result of their interactions with the people around them. 


Despite the backlash they receive for their behavior on the show, contestants who apply for dating shows genuinely want to find connection and the love of their life. While in the show, they get to reflect on themselves and what they want in a partner and later on realize the direction they want to take in their lives. An example could be Too Hot to Handle, since they made the show as a rehabilitation spot for horny singles not to engage immediately in sexual activities and instead focus their energy on gaining deeper, emotional connections.


Fun fact: During dating show casting they let potential participants go through a psychological exam that deems you fit or unfit to join the show. They undergo psychological testing so that nothing drastic happens in the show as well. They literally have a therapy session before they are cast.

2. Experience

Some contestants apply to be on a reality dating tv show to gain experience for their portfolio and gain a better understanding of how people interact or how dating works. Online and open casting auditions for the show also allows possible contestants to cultivate their knowledge on how auditions work. 


Once they are picked and casted for the final lineup of characters to make up the show, they also get to have first-hand experience of how the seasonal shoots are done. Unlike scripted and fictional shows, participants get to be themselves most of the time and share their own personal story.

3. Genuine Connection

People also join dating show sign ups because they want to find the person they’re going to spend their life with. It’s a fun experience since as a contender, they either get stuck in a house or go on multiple blind dates to determine whether the people they are paired with are compatible with them or not. 


If they are lucky, they find someone they really like who reciprocates the attraction and become an official couple by the end of the episode or the series. Dating shows don’t only create romantic connections. It can also pave the way for platonic relationships that last even after the show comes to an end.

4. Love

Yes, it’s generic. But realistically, who does not want to experience love? It is the pinnacle of all kinds of relationships whether platonic or romantic. People want to be on a reality dating tv show because they want to find genuine connections. Deep down, they are longing to be loved and give love. 


Strangers become lovers and friends on screen for everyone to see and that’s okay with them because they are proud to announce that they have found it. They use their journey to show people that they, too, can find love regardless of their backstory. More importantly, the process of having someone to love is beautiful because, despite being formed in front of millions of screens, that doesn’t change the possibility of the relationship being a genuine one transcending physical attraction.


These are the four main factors behind why people are enamored to join reality dating shows. If you are an aspiring contender, how to apply for reality tv shows boils down to your conviction, motivation and preparation.




Conviction helps you check whether you are prepared for the grueling process of getting casted, scrutinized by the public, and taking on the persona you are to become on set. Motivation answers the question, “Why did you participate?” Are you driven by love, cash, or fame? Lastly, preparation. Make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into before signing up. Mental and physical preparation for the casting, whether it is conducted online or in person, lets you feel more comfortable and have fun during the process. Experience what you want to experience and look for love while also guarding your heart.


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