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Best New Dating Reality Shows You Can Watch on the Web

What have you been binge-watching recently? Ever since the pandemic, everybody’s been stuck at home with nothing to do, (that is, unless you’re into crafts or love to cook). Several people had to take home work, making them still have a rather busy schedule even while spending most days inside their houses. Not to mention, several single people had to raincheck meeting new people in hopes of feeling that extra spark of romance.


Fortunately, you can still find romance on TV. Forget ‘Netflix and chill’!


From hopeless romantics such as ourselves, this is our gift to you. A reality dating shows list from our favorites for an amorous and fun experience on your next binge-watching schedule.

10 New Dating Reality Shows: Will They Find Love?

Ah, the scent of kilig is in the air. If you don’t know what that word means, go search it. It’s a word to definitely add to your romantic and sweet-talking vocabulary. Admittedly, as you scroll through these various reality TV dating shows, you may see some older ones that have already been in the business longer but are renewed for a new season. Don’t worry, we also have a dash of new series added in our list.


Check it out:

1. Love Island

One of the great things about TV shows is its sense of humor. Love Island does not disappoint in that aspect since it has that fun and warm feel to it. It’s one of the funny dating reality shows out there where you get to watch beautiful single people as they attempt to find love in exotic islands. For the islanders to win, they have to be voted as the region’s Favorite Couple. They win a cash prize and leave with their partner for life, probably.

2. Dating Around

For those who absolutely love surprise and diversity, this is the dating show to watch. Introduced in 2019, this relatively new dating show is focused on one lead dater and their five blind dates. After the initial five dates, they get to choose one lucky person from their previous encounters to bring on a second date. The choice and chance for a second date is entirely up to the lead. No matter the nationality, gender, or age, daters here find the love of their life in unexpected ways. If you’re the kind of watcher who wants something that is into diversity, you should definitely put this on your must-watch list.

3. Love is Blind

Admittedly, when we first saw this last year, it was definitely one of those shows that had an interesting premise like 6 Hour Match. The love hopefuls are put inside pods across each other and start the courting process. After a session of trying to woo each other, they get engaged and start their real journey of having a relationship. The show’s takeaway is its focus in starting relationships founded on emotional connection rather than physical attraction, a factor that most reality shows use as a basis. So, if you value emotional connection over physical attraction, we suggest you give Love is Blind a try.

4. 6 Hour Match

This is one of the more unique dating shows if you’re looking for something new. The contestants stay in a house for six hours while doing challenges that test their compatibility and impression about each other. Along with the challenges is an added bonus: They have the incentive of earning money while completing the said challenges. Some of these tasks includes couples’ workout and strip pong. Six Hour Match is the best show for you if you want to see how relationships bloom from simple activities that are meant to test new connections or help strengthen the developing bond between two people.

5. Too Hot to Handle

This is a contrast to the shows listed in items 3 and 4 because it is focused on the physical attractiveness of their contestants. Basically, there are 10 males and females who are all incredibly attractive and horny. Indeed, it’s what the producers use as initial bait. New viewers will be quick to assume that love comes easy in this show, thanks to the contestants’ genetic gifts.


But that is not the case. Participants are not allowed to have any sexual contact from kissing or go further than that for four whole weeks. If they manage to get through the entire month without sexual contact, the remaining contestants get to split $100,000 among each other. Otherwise, they get a deduction for every intimate and steamy act that any of the contestants commit. Despite its initially surface-level take on dating, the show does play on the premise of putting their contestants in this show for rehabilitation and creating deeper emotional connection with the people involved.

6. Married at First Sight

As the name suggests, it’s kind of like an arranged marriage thing going on where participants are married to a stranger they barely know. They meet their groom or bride on the day of the wedding itself, and that’s when things start to get shaky and exciting. Will either of them back out or will they choose to continue and see where the relationship goes? Chimed with wedding bells, the good old ‘Will they, won’t they’ arrangement serves as the charm of this adult reality dating series.

7. 90 Day Fiancé

Instead of following the traditional format of reality TV dating shows that only highlight the courting process, this show focuses on couples who are already in relationships from around the globe. As a couple, they are tasked to get a K-91 Visa which allows their foreign fiancé to live with their American better half. But the catch is, within the 90 days, these couples must get married for the visa to be granted. If not, the foreign fiancé has to leave the country because the conditions were not met. Ultimately, the test of their relationship takes place in this grueling process of merging different cultural backgrounds and figuring out whether getting married will really grant them their happily ever after or not.

8. The Circle

The contestants are living in one building, but they are not allowed to see each other. They can only communicate online and the goal is to become each other’s matches. Participants can be whoever they want to be on the app. It’s a social experiment, and that is exactly what makes this reality show interesting. Will people find out that they have been catfished or not?

9. Back with the Ex

People typically bawl their eyes out on sad endings, especially when relationships do not pan out. Back with the Ex tries to remedy that by getting exes to try and rekindle their love with a set of activities and challenges and see whether the fire will be rekindled, or the decision to end the relationship was truly for the best.

10. Catfish

Catfish is unlike the typical romantic, saccharine-induced reality dating show smothered with rose petals and soft lighting effects. Instead, it slaps reality hard on the viewers. Its host, Yaniv Schulman helps their “clients” figure out whether the person they are dating online is in for something real or not. It’s an entertaining show to binge if you’re someone who prefers to look at love from a realistic perspective, minus the over-the-top lovestruck lenses.


That concludes our list of the best dating reality shows on the web for you to watch. Have fun getting your hearts filled with kilig from finding new couples to ‘ship’, or wallow in the heartache of watching your favorite couple part ways. Which of these shows are you most excited to watch? Be sure to share your verdict with us!


Happy binge-watching from the Love Verified team!

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